It is no secret that our schools are made up of a variety of students that have different needs and are working at different levels within each age group.

Ofsted’s teaching standards; specifically outline that teachers must:

“Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils”

With this is mind, Numberfit has specifically designed its objectives and sessions to account for the differing needs of our students in mathematics. Not only is differentiation a fundamental aspect of teaching today, providing an individualised and personalised education for each and every student; we at Numberfit think it is essential that we have the correct provision to cater for the diverse world that is education, from our SEN student’s right through to our G&T students.

Provision for Special Education Needs (SEN)

“It is this Government’s aim, that all children and young people with SEN or disabilities reach their full potential in school”


With just over 1 in 5 of our school children categorised as being SEN, Numberfit believes it is essential to provide equal but tailored opportunities to all students.

Under the spectrum of SEN are four main categories; Cognition and Learning; Behaviour, Emotional and Social; Communication & Interaction and Sensory & Physical. Read more about specifically how Numberfit has dealt with and provided for SEN students.

Numberfit works very closely with the school SENCO and teachers before, during and after sessions for best results. Prior to going into schools and providing our Numberfit sessions as part of the numeracy curriculum, we use provided data to differentiate and provide according to the needs of each pupil.

Once sessions begin, Numberfit records and monitors every pupil, every week and send back reports to the teachers. In conjunction with the school, we keep data updated and for the following session we make use of our data to plan for progression and plan individualised targets for each pupil.

The 2010 report commissioned by Ofsted into SEN education found there was “widespread weakness in the quality of what was provided for children with SEN”.

Feel free to contact us regarding your schools specific educational needs and our team will be more than willing to explain the resources and provisions we have in place.

Types of Special Educational Needs

For in depth information on the different types of Special Educational Needs please refer to

Our Strategies

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Provision for Gifted & Talented (G&T)


Similarly, the Ofsted report “The most able students” concluded from their research that not enough was being done to help the most able students. Key findings indicate the provision in place to keep our able students engaged, challenged and progressing, was poor. An unwelcome stat showed that 65% of children who were labelled as G&T (performing high academically for their year) went on to underperform at secondary schools. Thus suggesting we do not do enough for our most able students.

With regards to making Numberfit accessible and relevant to every mathematics student, we have also designed a specific programme that is aimed at the G&T students.

Based on the national curriculum, we further our talented students programme by producing vast amounts of extension work, including problem solving, use of mental arithmetic and further maths to stretch our students.

Numberfit believes that education should be tailored for each student and each student should have specific targets set for progression. To help ensure this value is added to the G&T student’s experience, we ensure that we make accurate and productive use of assessment.  

We try and challenge every pupil we have and want to break down the ceiling that so many lessons have; if a student is capable why stop at a certain level; Numberfit believes in challenging and pushing every student, including our most able.

For more information on how we can add value to your G&T students, please get in contact via the contact page.

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