Numberfit has worked with over 50 schools in the South Bucks and London regions since 2010. We work across the age spectrum from Early Years to KS3 and across the ability spectrum from SEN to G&T. All of our sessions are delivered in line with the National Curriculum and our programme is proving to be a hugely successful initiative. 














Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

The Department for Education (DfE) has recognised schools need more funding to help all pupils succeed, and in conjunction with the Department for Health & Culture and Media & Sport have provided funding for Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.

With annual figures, Ofsted reports and Government findings showing that students on Free School Meals (FSM) are being failed by schools in general, Pupil Premium is a way of helping increase provision.

Similarly, Sports Premium is used to help continue the London Olympic Legacy and has provided Primary Schools with £300m for 2013/14 and 2014/15. The funding has been provided to help schools increase provision for sports and exercise.

Numberfit is an ideal opportunity to not only meet the DfE’s recommendations of how to spend the Premium but to also increase attainment amongst students on FSM and incorporate cross curricular links between Sport and Numeracy; a strategy that is becoming more and more popular in schools.

Pupil/Sports Premium is there to add value and what better way to add value then via Numberfit. Education, enjoyment, exercise and engagement.


  • Following each session, Numberfit together with the class teacher write an in-depth report on pupils in the class.
  • Facilitators follow designed lesson plans that consist of: Teacher  Activity, Student Activity, Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Changes to be made. Thus ensuring we are meeting the targets of the schools.
  • Data on each student demonstrates and measures progression based on initial target levels and current working at attainment levels.
  • In addition to academic monitoring, we measure and record 'soft data' to assess attitudes and opinions about numeracy and social, emotional and behavioural information.
  • This data is then used to set objectives and help us plan for following sessions, making sure each student has individual goals and targets.
  • We provide a report for the school at the end of the project to assist them in demonstrating the impact of the programme.


Content and Curriculum

All of our sessions are directly in line with the EYFS and National Curriculum. We work with schools, mathematics bodies and professionals to ensure that we mirror teaching methodologies that your school will be teaching.



In order to run our sessions, all we need is an empty school hall and a group of children ready to learn. We arrive with our team of coaches to work with children across the ability spectrum. Our sessions are a well paced mix of:

  • Differentiated mathematics lessons.
  • Active problem solving.
  • Integrated activities solving maths in energetic games.



Numberfit has built and developed programmes around differentiation. One key factor in our success has been provision for children across the ability spectrum.

Typically everyone covers the same topic in a session but due to our multiple facilitators we are able to offer smaller groups differentiated by ability. We ensure that the students are moving at a personalised pace. Those who need extra support are catered for and those who need a little extra challenge are given extension material. 

This is monitored with our weekly reporting, teacher feedback and data analysis to make sure students are on track.

LEA Pilot

Over the academic year from 2012/2013 Numberfit was commissioned by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) Local Education Authority (LEA) to run our programme as part of the National Curriculum at local schools.

For more information see our... Case study