Numberfit meets DfE teaching standards



Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils


  • Our unique blend of mathematics problem solving and physical activity cater for children of all abilities.
  • Having children working in teams earning points provides motivation to challenge themselves and each other.
  • Our differentiated lessons and resources combined with our multiple facilitators in sessions make the programme accessible to all children.



Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils



  • We work closely with schools. Given current and previous National Curriculum (NC) levels we gather both hard and soft data through out the programme to evaluate improvedattainment, engagement and attitudes towards mathematics. We record any other parameters that schools would like to monitor.
  • Plan future teaching based on each pupil’s prior knowledge and levels.




Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge



  • Prior knowledge and ability levels.
  • Numberfit sessions are in line with the EYFS and NC, covering all major topic areas.
  • We use kinaesthetic, visual and auditory teaching methods to further convey subject matter in an engaging format.



Plan and teach well-structured lesson



  • Every Numberfit session is planned, with objectives, Assessment for Learning (AfL) and progression.
  • Our lessons are based around a starter, main and plenary with a mixture of teaching methods to increase engagement into mathematics.
  • Homework sheets are provided weekly to recap what was taught in the lesson and stretch pupils further as well as recapping topics covered in previous weeks.



Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils



  • Sessions are differentiated accordingly, with objectives and targets set for each individual.
  • Resources and provisions are in place for those with additional needs (SEN, G&T).



Make accurate and productive use of assessment



  • Formative assessment is carried out in each session to record progression.
  • Assessment is a combination of observation, examination and demonstration outside of sessions.
  • Data is kept on each student and used to plan for subsequent lessons.
  • Numberfit provides feedback for students orally during sessions as well as through marking of homework sheets.
  • A full report that combines observations from Numberfit and the school is delivered at the end of the project for schools to demonstrate impact.



Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment



  • Numberfit adheres to the rules and behaviour policies of each school to ensure good behaviour.
  • Additionally we use a range of strategies to reinforce good behaviour, concentration, engagement and effort.



Fulfil wider professional responsibilities



  • Outside of the academic benefits associated with sessions, Numberfit sessions also provide health benefits and develop general social skills and positive attitudes. 
  • Communication with parents after sessions and via social media, website and blogs to ensure education is a two-way process.


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