Numberfit at Kingswood Primary School: KS2 Case Study

With a successful pilot introducing Numberfit as part of Old Oak and Avonmore Primary Schools numeracy national curriculum; Numberfit this Winter Term (2013) is now working with Kingswood Primary School in High Wycombe.

Numberfit has been employed to actively engage and educate two year 6 classes in mathematics; with the aims of improving engagement, attainment and of course bringing enjoyment and fitness to the mathematics sessions.

Working collaboratively, Numberfit and Kingswood met to discuss the best way of introducing the sessions and how the students would gain the most from the unique experience.

Classes have been differentiated by ability, something Numberfit and Ofsted find essential in teaching today and the numeracy co-ordinator, Head Teacher and classroom teachers are all working in sync with Numberfit to create the maximum possible added value for their students.

The students have taken brilliantly to the format and working in teams element of our sessions. Already we have seen excellent motivation, excitement and willingness to learn mathematics through our limited time at the school. Equally as important, we have seen progression amongst the students already, with more confidence in their own ability and solving problems.

And the reason for this progression so quickly is the extremely close and personal relationship we have with the teachers at Kingswood. After every session, an in depth report and analysis of each session and each student is compiled to push progress for the following week and ensure our methodology is inline with the schools teaching methodology and timeline for covering topics

 Again, only just the start of our time at Kingswood Primary but a promising one at that.

Results of our latest Primary School KS2 project will be available after Christmas.

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