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Numberbugs, Sweet as Roses - The Edith Rose Nursery Case Study (EYFS)

In early 2012, Numberfit visited Edith Rose to demonstrate our Early Years programme and since that day, the partnership has never looked back!

Fun, enjoyable, personal, enthusiastic and essential” are just some of the words used to describe what Numberfit means to Edith Rose.

A year on, the relationship we have with the kids and Edith Rose nursery is still growing weekly. Every Thursday morning at Edith Rose is Numberfit morning, and every Thursday we get greeted with the same glowing faces and warm welcome as we step through the door.

“It's Numberfit!” from the beaming faces; of which this welcome has come from the consistent dedication and charisma brought by the Numberfit team. A team that comprises mothers, students, teachers and fathers, all with two main passions; being that of children and education.

Edith Rose deputy manager Samantha Smith (Windsor) adds…

They know all the children by name, which makes it a personal experience for all of them. They show a huge range of knowledge to cover all aspects of mathematics in a fun and stimulating way. The children warmed to them quickly and show that they feel secure around them even our most shyest of children.”

Each session focuses on a topic covered in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is taught the Numberfit way, with music, a wide range of movement, exercise and games to teach numeracy to the Numberbugs. Sessions are designed around multi-sensory learning which can have a big impact on learning and development at an early age, but most importantly is the aspect of fun and engagement; getting children to enjoy maths!

Each of our children talk about Numberfit and become increasingly excited as Thursday approaches” (Samantha Smith)

The year has passed quickly and not only are the kids still excited to participate every week; there has been a clear sign of improvement in their mathematical development. With repetition, recaps and practical lessons taught weekly, each and every child has benefitted positively in their development, with us seeing a massive increase of above average levels in the 2-4 year old category.

On this point Samantha adds “…we have seen a huge increase in the children's mathematical development. Their concept and ability to use mathematical language freely in their play is outstanding and has shown the children moving in the right direction to meet their early learning goals.”

All in all a huge success for early education as Numberfit has proven to and will continue to deliver fun and enjoyable mathematics to our budding Numberbugs at Edith Rose!

Samantha sums up the experience...“we would highly recommend Numberfit to every Nursery and Pre School. We feel our sessions are an essential part of our day for the children.”